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Gunbot Additional Exchange



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Additional Exchanges

Add the power of Gunbot to another cryptocurrency exchange of your choice. Additional exchanges include:


Why get an additional exchange for Gunbot?

Keeping all of your bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies on a single exchange can be a risky endeavor.  Crypto exchanges can have and will occasionally have API issues, internet outages, be subject to DDOS and other malicious attacks.  If that happens your bot stops trading. There’s also the possibility of another Mt. Gox situation when an exchange closes and leaves it’s customers without any crypto.  Therefore it’s crucial to not keep all your crypto eggs in one basket.  When your goal is to diversify your cryptocurrency portfolio, adding an addtional exchange to Gunbot is a great way to hedge your bets.

Another great reason to add an additional exchange to gunbot is it effectively doubles the number of trading opportunities available.  If you have a great strategy why limit yourself to gains on only one exchange?  Running another exchange can help make sure you don’t miss opportunities.


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