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Gunbot TradingView Addon For Unlimited Trading Strategies

What is Gunbot TradingView Addon

Unleash even more power from Gunbot when you add TradingView to the mix.  The learning curve is steep, but if you have the time (or the BTC to buy TheRealCryptoCowboys script) it can be very profitable.  Utilize trading view charts and indicators to create your own custom strategies.  Alerts sent from Tradingview will signal Gunbot to execute trades based on your strategy. This requires a paid TradingView account. Do some seriously cool stuff like:

  • Pyramid buys
  • Use Renko candlesticks
  • Use Kagi candlesticks
  • Use different candlesticks for buying and selling
  • Use TradingView to buy and sell with regular Gunbot strategies
  • Enables truly unlimited trading strategies

Who is it for?

Advanced traders and people already familiar with TradingView will love the limitless possibilities the Gunbot TradingView Addon provides.  People who want to explore different market indicators and candlesticks will benefit from the flexibility allowed.  Maybe you already have a killer trading strategy and just need a way to execute it.


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